Membership Packages

Available options


Monthly subscription

Join us every single month for a packed timetable. With a growing timetable each and every month, now is the time to get involved! 

Minimum 3 month contract


One Month pass

No contract. Join us for one month and enjoy unlimited access to all of the live classes on our timetable.


Pay per class

Enjoy a class specific to what your looking for, or try a one off class to see if the virtual world is right for you.



How do I join the classes?

We use Zoom for our virtual classes. Every time you book a class, you'll receive a link in your confirmation email. You'll also be able to start the class straight from our app.

What do I need to join? Do I need weights?

All you need is an internet connection. We tailor all our classes to be performed by every individual to ensure everyone can join us. We offer weighted and non-weighted options throughout all of our classes to increase intensity if you desire.

How do I book classes?

Once you've signed up, You can book classes via our website. You can also download our app and manage your schedule that way.

I'd like to try a class before I sign up for a month, can I just try one class?

Absolutely. The virtual world took us a while to get used too, but now we absolutely love it. Exercise has never been more convenient, try our pay per class options on a class that looks right for you to find out that you can love it too.



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