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Bringing Everyday Fitness to your home, shed, hotel room, garden or any space big enough to stand in. 

We know that sometimes it's just impossible to get to the gym, everything goes against you, you don't feel like being around people.. or you just want to work out when you want to work out. 

That's why, we've created a full Live class timetable where you'll be joining classes in real time. Our qualified instructors will help coach and instruct you throughout the workout.

This accompanies our library of On demand workouts for you to enjoy when you can't make a live class..

Well, maybe enjoy's a bit strong?

Membership Options 

Core Exercise
Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Monthly Membership

Your favourite classes with your favourite instructors.

Every. Single. Month 

One Month pass

Join us for one month unlimited access to our Live class timetable and On demand library. No contract 

Pay per class

If there's just one class you have your heart set on, or you just want to give it a go, this is the option for you

Gym classics

Everyday on demand

Sunset Yoga
Holistic sessions
Gym Equipment

Upgrade your workout 

Transform your home workouts and add some weight.

Forget the cost of purchasing expensive gym equipment and hire weekly at a fraction of the cost

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